School Band Trip to USA

The team left for New York on 16 September 2015 and returned on 1 October 2015. The USBands Yamaha Cup competition was held at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey on 26 September 2015.

They were hosted by Kennesaw Mountain High School in Georgia for about a week.

The band emerged champion in the Division III A category after scoring 90.1 as a result of a stellar performance, beating first runner-up East Brunswick High School (79.538) and second runner-up Kittatinny Regional High School (78.625). They also swept all caption categories including the highest scores for visual, music, overall effect, percussion and colour guard to upstage 53 other top high school bands.

The official results can be viewed here.

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Band members with the champion trophy

Twenty five students of St Joseph’s Private School accompanied by Ms Vivien Ng joined the seventy three member team.

01) Larissa Ping Liew (F4ScPhi)

02) Lim Yee Kwong (F4ScPhi)

03) Magdalene Lee Huong Yiing (F4ScPhi)

04) Wong Sai Kiong (F4ScPhi)

05) Selina Bong Pei Pei (F4Arts)

06) Sean Choy Wei Lun (F4Arts)

07) Emmelanie ak Johnny (F3B)

08) Amanda Ling Jie Yee (F2A)

09) Amanda Suling Liew (F2A)

10) Arielle Ting Sze Ying (F2A)

11) Trinity Bungan Tajang (F2C)

12) Allyson Yeo Zhi Ai (F2C)

13) Terrance Chai Zheng Zhe (F1A)

14) Denise Liaw Yi Ting (F1B)

15) Emma Husun Tajang (F1B)

16) Abby Lim Yee En (F1C)

17) Alysha Ting Sze Yi (F1C)

18) Ashley Jade Ngui Sze Syuen (F1C)

19) Lisa Hii Wei Zhen (F1C)

20) Soger Fowel Tami (F1D)

21) Alvina Jong Qiong Cai (F1E)

22) Amanda Zoi Pui Phei Shan (F1E)

23) Cheyenne Lau Yufei (F1E)

24) Ivette Bell Lissem (F1E)

25) Michelle Yeo Zhi Wei (F1E)

Clippings from the various local newspaper reporting on the winning performance of the band.

Clippings from the various local newspapers reporting on the winning performance of the band.