Teachers’ Day 2014

Fr Francis Lim, SJ, Fr Stephen Lim and Fr Alvin Ng, SJ concelebrated a Mass for Teachers followed by students performing for their teachers during a celebration for Teachers’ Day cum Gawai Dayak on 23 May 2014 (Friday). The event was held in the ground central void of the school.

Click here for photos.

Ballet 1 DSC_1045 Ballet 2 DSC_1045 bp 2 DSC_1176 Candid 1 DSC_0972 Candid 2 DSC_0996 Cikgus DSC_0942 Dance 1 DSC_1061 Dance 1 DSC_1111 Dance 3 DSC_1113 Dance 4 DSC_1113 Dance 5 DSC_1122 Dance 6 DSC_1127 Director DSC_1018 Doris 1 DSC_0970 DSC_0941 DSC_0952 DSC_1155 Felix DSC_1027 gerald 2 DSC_1183 gerald DSC_1184 Gerald Lee DSC_1018 group DSC_1190 Heads DSC_0973 Lucilla DSC_0940 Lunch 2 DSC_1197 Lunch DSC_1196 M Dance 2 DSC_1087 M Dance 3 DSC_1094 M Dance 3 DSC_1106 M Dance 4 DSC_1137 M Dance DSC_1082 Mass 1 DSC_0962 Mass 2 DSC_0966 Mass 2DSC_0949 Mass 4 DSC_0968 mass 7DSC_0958 Mass DSC_0948 Mass DSC_0961 PT DSC_1028 PT2 DSC_1029 Sis Odilia DSC_1014 Students 1 DSC_0954 Students 2 DSC_0959 Students DSC_0944 Taekwando DSC_1075 Tra Dance DSC_1145 TRa Dance2 DSC_1146 Tradi Cos DSC_0937 Tradi cos 2 DSC_0943 Tradi Cos 3 DSC_0947 Tradi cos 4 DSC_0955 Tradi D 1 DSC_1151 Tradi D 2 DSC_1152 Tradi D 3 DSC_1153 Tradi D 4 DSC_1159 Tradi D 5 DSC_1162 Tradi Dance 4 DSC_1162 TRadi Dance Gp DSC_1172 Tradi Dancers 1 DSC_0966 Tradi Dancers 2 DSC_0969 Tradi DSC_1169 Tradi gp DSC_0945 TRadi Pri DSC_0971 Vivien DSC_0974 Yawn DSC_0957