Message from the Principal of the Secondary School

Acting Principal – Fr Alvin Frederick Ng Sze Syn, SJ (2018)


Fr Alvin Ng Sze Syn, SJ

Dear students, parents and friends of SJFS,

C.S. Lewis, the celebrated English novelist, poet and lay theologian once said this of education: the task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.

How apt indeed is this ecologically-friendly observation in the light of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si and for us living in Sarawak in this present age where progress and development is being attained at the high price of the destruction of our environment while the voice of mother nature struggles to make herself heard. If we apply this to the human mind as Lewis intended, we are looking indeed at an education that seeks to enrich and empower; and then to give back; where students enter to learn and leave to serve. Here teachers give of their time, resource and energy because at one time, they have been given generously.

As a young institution in the pursue of education beyond the ordinary, we strive to irrigate the desert of the young mind with waters from the living spring of experience in the hope that with the help of God, an oasis will emerge. Whether it is academics, sports or the performing arts, we dare to be different only because like the oasis, the alternative is not a choice. We do not want to be overtaken by the desert with its uncompromising uniformity that kills all life. The past six years has taught us one thing: we can change the landscape of our minds but if we continuously dig deep for the living waters of life.

2018 will be another exciting year as we embark on this journey together. We know that like all journeys, there will be mountains we have to surmount and valleys that we have to descend into. Let us keep join hands and our eyes on the goal – the creation of an oasis teeming with life in the minds of the young – so that some day, the desert will disappear and the jungle of paradise returns.

Welcome to SJFS; I am excited. Are you?

Fr Alvin Ng Sze Syn, SJ

Acting Principal

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