Message from the Principal of the Secondary School

Message from the First Principal – Secondary School

(June 2012 onwards)

Fr Francis Lim, SJJune 2012 onwards

Fr Francis Lim Chin Choy, SJ
June 2012 onwards

I am very happy to join the hardworking and dedicated team at St Joseph’s Private School in providing holistic education to our children in Kuching. This includes spiritual and moral formation of our young.

We, as a team of administrators, teachers, and staff, work together to instill and nurture the much-needed growth and transformation in our students so that they develop into mature and wholly-integrated adults in all aspects of the human person. Academic excellence is only one aspect we stress on in this school. We want to make sure that our students excel in character of mind, body, emotion, and in the social and spiritual aspects as well.

The spirituality of Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, is based on growth and transformation. We believe that each human person and all creation are created good by God. As workers in God’s vineyard, we, Jesuits, try to bring out or draw out that goodness that is already present in each human person, and help them to foster right relationships with God, other people, and creation. Education is to help our young people to realize and be aware of their natural and inherent goodness, and nurture that goodness into full bloom in the best way they can, and all these are done in a holistic manner. Education is to inculcate human and divine values in our young, and teach them the ability to have these right relationships.

Fr Francis Lim Chin Choy, SJ


Message from the Acting First Principal of the Secondary School (January – June 2012)

Welcome to St Joseph’s Private.

We welcome you to join us and be part of our community, at the start of what promises to be a great adventure, as we put down the first roots at St Joseph’s Private School.

Mr Dominic Pan
Jan – Jun 2012

The school has been many years in the planning from the initial brainstorming to receiving our operating licence, and getting the premises ready for classes to begin on 3 January 2012.

These are humble premises, but we are happy with what we have. We get to decide on the colours, the furniture and the plants . It was fun getting the place ready to welcome the first 105 boys and girls into our Form One classes.

These are early days, but they have been happy days.

It is a pleasure to see the bougainvilleas blooming and the students settling in and making rapid progress.

The founding staff has been such a blessing, and we place our future expansion in their hands with full confidence.

We are a small community, but our hopes are high as we look forward to our new campus and the years to come.

Mr Dominic Pan Chee Fong