Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) Primary




ECA Teacher-in-charge  
Taekwondo Ms. Shirley Chong

Ms. Carrie Chung

Ms. Wendy Teng

Ms. Amanda Fletcher

Needlecraft Ms. Juliet Dominic

Ms. Jessy Nyambar

Ms. Doratay Chunggit

Ms. Carol Roger

Boys’ Brigade Ms. Christina Yong

Ms. Imelda Sim

Cub Scouts Ms. Grace Anding

Ms. Lillian Law

Indoor Games Mr. Raphael Barita

Ms. Sharon Chong

Ms. Ellin Yeo

Ms. Priscilla Hiu

Dance Club Ms. Ma Lian Mei

Ms. Lai Chang Fong

Art Club Ms. Lai Kui Choo

Ms. Isabel Ngui

Ms. Amy Ting

Ms. Choo Sze Yii

Badminton Mr. Nichol Thomas

Ms. Donna Ervinna

Choir Club Ms. Lee Zu Ee

Ms. Hedwig Jamen

Computer Club Ms. Lee Siaw Wei

Ms. Jane Lee

Concert Band Mr. Frederick Teng  
Legion of Mary Sr. Cecilia Norma

Ms. Mildred Yii

Mr. Michael Lim

Ms. Flora Yeo

Wushu Ms. Mary Tang

Ms. Yong Swee Wah

Ping Pong Mr. Jesse Madigen

Ms. Christina Adela

Fitness Club Ms. Monica Lisa

Ms. Nerissa Guang

Cultural dance Ms. Evelyn Harold

Ms. Carinth Elbes


Wushu Club 2016St Joseph’s Private Primary School third in bowling championship and Jarvis Ting Best Bowler, SK Matang Jaya, SMK St, Joseph champs in Inter-School tourney, Borneo Post, 12 September 2017

Wushu Club 2016

Primary School Legion of Mary 2015

Primary School
Legion of Mary 2015