Teachers – Primary School

Headmistress – Sr. Marie Celine Wee, SSFS

Teachers 2017

Primary School Teaching Staff 2017

Primary School Teaching Staff 2017

  1. Ms Amy Ting Siew Hee – Mathematics
  2. Ms Carinth ak Elbes – Science
  3. Ms Carrie Chung Chui Ching – Bahasa Malaysia
  4. Sr Cecilia Norma ak Bauk – Religious Education
  5. Ms Choo Sze Yii – Mathematics, Pendidikan Seni
  6. Ms Christina Adela – Religious Education, Pendidikan Moral, Pendidikan Seni
  7. Ms Christina Yong Siaw Han – English Language
  8. Ms Doratay Chunggit – Bahasa Malaysia, Pendidikan Seni
  9. Ms Evelyn Harold ak Michael Julu – Bahasa Malaysia, Pendidikan Seni
  10. Mr Frederick Teng Kok Heng – Bahasa Malaysia, Muzik
  11. Ms Grace Anding – English Language, Muzik
  12. Ms Jane Lee Ai Choo – Mandarin Language, Pendidikan Seni
  13. Mr Jesse Madigen ak Nyahun – Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan, Pendidikan Moral
  14. Ms Juliet Dominic Nawe – Bahasa Malaysia
  15. Mr Kho Han Hui – Mandarin Language
  16. Ms Lai Chang Fong – Science, Information Technology, Pendidikan Seni
  17. Ms Lai Kui Choo – Mandarin Language
  18. Ms Lee Siaw Wei – Mathematics, Pendidikan Moral, Pendidikan Seni
  19. Ms Lee Zu Ee – Bahasa Malaysia, Pendidikan Moral
  20. Ms Lilian Law Suok Lee – English Language
  21. Ms Ma Lian Mei – English Language, Pendidikan Seni
  22. Ms Mary Kwan – Bahasa Malaysia, Pendidikan Moral
  23. Ms Mary Tang – Mathematics
  24. Mr Michael Lim Yee Liang – Mathematics, Science
  25. Ms Mildred Yii Siew Yang – Mathematics
  26. Ms Monica Lisa ak Gordon – Science, Muzik, Pendidikan Seni
  27. Ms Monica Yong – English Language, Pendidikan Seni
  28. Ms Nerissa Guang – Bahasa Malaysia, Pendidikan Moral
  29. Mr Nichol Thomas ak Mapok – Sejarah, Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan
  30. Ms Priscilla Hiu Yian Fah – Mathematics, Pendidikan Seni
  31. Mr Raphael Barita Ligok– English Language, Pendidikan Moral
  32. Ms Sharon Chong Siaw Hui – English Language
  33. Ms Shirley Chong Choon Lang – English Language
  34. Ms Yeo Miaw Charn – Mandarin Language
  35. Ms Yeo Wen Nee – Bahasa Malaysia, Muzik
  36. Ms Yong Swee Wah – English Language, Pendidikan Seni

Teaching Assistants 2017

  1. Chang Nyuk Hiong
  2. Conie Amilla Ak Jemini
  3. Eleanor Ruth
  4. Felicity Dara
  5. Florence Anak Bauk
  6. Helena Elesia Ak Liwin
  7. Karen Mevia Lijong
  8. Patricia Ak Gasing
  Teacher Teaching Assistant
Tahun 1 Faith Mr Michael Lim Ms Chang Nyuk Hiong
Tahun 1 Hope Ms Yeo Miaw Charn Ms Eleanor Ruth
Tahun 1 Joy Ms Carrie Chung Ms Karen Mevia Ak Lijong
Tahun 1 Love Ms Lilian Law Ms Felicity Dara
Tahun 2 Faith Ms Jane Lee Ms Connie Amilla Ak Jemini
Tahun 2 Hope Ms Doratay Chunggit Ms Helena Elesia
Tahun 2 Joy Ms Ma Lian Mei Ms Florence Anak Bauk
Tahun 2 Love Ms Yeo Wen Nee Ms Patricia Ak Gasing
Tahun 3 Faith Ms Monica Yong
Tahun 3 Hope Ms Grace Anding
Tahun 3 Love Ms Lai Kui Choo
Tahun 4 Faith Ms Lai Chang Fong
Tahun 4 Hope Ms Monica Lisa
Tahun 4 Love Ms Lee Zu Ee
Tahun 5 Faith Ms Nerissa Guang
Tahun 5 Hope Ms Sharon Chong
Tahun 6 Faith Mr Frederick Teng

Primary School Disciplinary Board

Sr Marie Celine Wee, SSFS
Ms Shirley Chong
Mr Raphael Barita
Ms Mary Tang
Mr. Fredrick Teng
Ms Jane Lee
Ms. Yeo Wen Nee

Teaching Staff of the Primary School 2016

Teaching Staff
of the Primary School 2016

Teaching Staff of the Primary School 2015

Teaching Staff of the
Primary School 2015

Teaching Staff of 2014

Teaching Staff of 2014

Mr Jesse Madigen, Mr Nichol Thomas, Mr Kho Han Hui

Mr Jesse Madigen, Mr Nichol Thomas, Mr Kho Han Hui at the front row

We have a team of dedicated, caring and well-trained teachers. We care for each child as a unique individual, a gift from God. We believe that every child is teachable. We wish to help every child develop a spirit of love, service and respect; to fully respond to his/ her God-given potential to learn and excel in all undertakings.

Primary Staff a

Teaching Staff of 2013
Seated (L-R): Mr Nichol Mapok, Sr Rose Ting, Sr Odilia Ngui, Mr Gerald Lee, Sr Norma Bauk, Sr Uming Takim, Ms Shirley Chong.
Standing (L-R): Ms Betty Wee, Ms Jeyslind Gago, Ms Juliet Nawe, Ms Mildred Yii, Ms Evelyn Michael, Ms Cecilia Chai

Ms Evelyn Harold

Ms Evelyn Harold