Admission – National

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Registration of students –


To apply, fill in the registration form and bring it to the school office together with:

(a) Registration Fee of RM300 (non-refundable, non-transferable),

(b) a copy of the child’s most recent passport size photo,

(c) a photocopy of the child’s Birth Certificate or IC,

(d) *a photocopy of his/her Baptism certificate (if any),

(e) *a photocopy of the most recent school report card,

(f) *photocopies of relevant ECA certificates or certified ECA reports from school, if any.
(* Applicable for admission into Form 1 only)

Closing Date for registrations is 30th APRIL (of the year preceding admission).

Fees Payable

1. Registration Fee (Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable) – Payable Only Once

1.1 Primary       RM300.00 per admission

1.2 Secondary   RM300.00 per admission

Note: The Registration Fee is only refundable when the school is unable to offer a place to a child on or before 31 January of each year, or a child is not admitted on account of failing the assessment test.

2. Admission Fee (Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable) – Payable Only Once

2.1 First child        : RM 2,000.00

2.2 Second child   : RM 1,000.00

2.3 Third child      : RM    500.00

2.4 Fourth child onwards: no admission fee

Note – to qualify for items 2.1 – 2.4, a family must have two or more children studying in the school at the same time.

3. Assessment Test Fee (Non- refundable)

A fee of RM100.00 to be paid by students who have to sit for written the assessment test before admission to the school.

4. School Fees (Non-Refundable)


per term x 4

per Year

Primary 1 – 3

RM 1000.00

RM 4,000.00

Primary 4 – 6

RM 1,100.00

RM 4,400.00

Form 1 – 2

RM 1,200.00

RM 4,800.00

Form 3

RM 1,300.00

RM 5,200.00

Form 4

RM 1,550.00

RM 6,200.00

Form 5

RM 1,650.00

RM 6,600.00

5. Miscellaneous Fee (Non-refundable)


per term x 4

per year

Primary School

RM 100.00

RM 400.00

Secondary School

RM 100.00

RM 400.00

6. Notes

6.1  A five percent (5%) penalty will be imposed on all late payment.

6.2  A three percent (3%) discount will be given if the whole year’s school and miscellaneous fees are paid on or before 31 January of each year.

6.3  All cheques are to be made payable to ST. JOSEPH’S PRIVATE SCHOOL MANAGEMENT BERHAD.

6.4  A student who has not paid his/her fees together with interest (if any) two weeks after payment due date will not be allowed to attend classes until the said amount is fully settled.

6.5  Students who have been offered confirmed places with the School must pay one term’s school fee, which will be forfeited should the child withdraw.

6.6  Parents wishing to withdraw a student from School must give one (1) month’s notice in writing of the intended withdrawal.  Otherwise, an additional full term’s fee will be charged.

6.7  Subject to paragraph 6.6 above, a student who leaves School before mid-term shall be eligible for the refund of half a term’s fee.  A student who leaves after mid-term shall not be eligible for refund of any portion of the school fee for that term.

6.8  The School Board reserves the right to change and amend the fees payable as and when necessary.

Effective January 2016

Click here for a pdf file of Fees Payable SJPS

Click here for a copy of the SJPS Registration Form