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An upward view of the school new building from the ground level central void.

Soaring up:
A skyward view of the school building
from the ground level central void.

Welcome to the website of St Joseph’s Family of Schools which is made up of the national schools: St. Joseph’s Private Primary School and St Joseph’s Private Secondary School, and St Joseph’s International School Kuching, a private Catholic co-educational family of schools.

Located in Kuching, Sarawak, St Joseph’s Family of Schools is a group of schools of high academic standards and a non-profit enterprise where all students are encouraged to discover an enthusiasm for learning and a spirit of enquiry, whilst also benefiting from a community which nurtures pupils as individuals and promotes the importance of shared values. These values are human moral values as well as religious values.

The national schools had their first intake of Primary 1 (one class) and Primary 2 (one class), and Form 1 (three classes) in January, 2012. In 2013, it was the only time we had one Transition class in our Secondary School. The international school started in January 2017 with three classes in Year 7 and one class in Year 8. The student population in our national schools is stated as below.

Secondary School
2019 – 840 (5 F1, 5 F2, 5 F3, 5 F4, 5 F5)
2018 – 840 (5 F1, 5 F2, 5 F3, 5 F4, 5 F5)
2017 – 790 (5 F1, 5 F2, 5 F3, 5 F4, 3 F5)
2016 – 725 (5 F1, 5 F2, 5 F3, 3 F4, 3 F5)
2015 – 560 (5 F1, 5 F2, 3 F3, 3 F4)
2014 – 380 (5 F1, 3 F2, 3 F3)
2013 – 240 (1 Transition, 3 F1, 3 F2)
2012 – 105 (3 F1)

Primary School
2019 – 710 (4 P1, 4 P1, 4 P3, 4 P4, 3 P5, 3 P6)
2018 – 660 (4 P1, 4 P2, 4 P3, 3 P4, 3 P5, 2 P6)
2017 – 560 (4 P1, 4 P2, 3 P3, 3 P4, 2 P5, 1 P6)
2016 – 460 (4 P1, 3 P2, 3 P3, 2 P4, 1 P5, 1 P6)
2015 – 330 (3 P1, 3 P2, 2 P3, 1 P4, 1 P5)
2014 – 215 (3 P1, 2P2, 1P3, 1P4)
2013 – 120 (2 P1, 1P2, 1P3)
2012 – 44 (1P1, 1P2)

Our Primary School provides education following the Malaysian national curriculum for pupils aged 7 to 12 years (Primary One to Six) while the Secondary School caters for students aged 13 to 17 years (Form One to Five). These students sit for the national Malaysian examinations: UPSR, PT3 and SPM. The International School provides the IGCSE (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education) syllabus leading to the Cambridge ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels examinations.

The school is supported by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kuching. The Primary School is run by the Franciscan Sisters of Sarawak; the Secondary School by the Jesuits; the International School by the Marist Brothers. Visit the website of the Jesuits of Malaysia-Singapore – MAS Jesuits. Visit the website of the international Marist Brothers – Marist Brothers.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kuching


Malaysia-Singapore Region of the Society of Jesus

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Franciscan Sisters of Sarawak

The Marist Brothers

The Marist Brothers

Our mission is to provide education beyond the ordinary by developing the God-given potential of every student to the full. The Catholic character of this school is very strong. The Jesuit motto is Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, “For the Greater Glory of God;” the Franciscan Sisters’ motto is Amare et Servire, “To Love and Serve;” the Marist Brothers’ motto is Ad Jesum per Mariam, “To Jesus through Mary.”